Friday Flick: Newsies

Borrowing this idea from Let Other Pens.  This is also my incentive to post weekly.  I think I can come up with a video to share and blab about each week.

As you can see, I’m not the only one whose been obsessed with Newsies recently. I’ve loved this movie since I saw it in a double feature with Beauty and the Beast when it was in theaters. In fact, I threw a little hissy fit when I wasn’t able to get a copy of the VHS. I lost and found my cassette tape of the soundtrack so many times before it was ultimately lost for good. Christian Bale as Jack “Cowboy” Kelly was my first celebrity crush. I was thrilled when it came out on DVD and I was finally able to own an official copy of the movie.

Now as those who follow stage musicals know, Newsies was recently reworked into a Tony nominated Broadway show. I unfortunately do not live anywhere near NYC, nor have a had the time (or money) to make a visit, though I really want to right now. So I’ve only listened to the cast recording and watched the various TV performances. The story has been revamped, but I don’t know the full list of changes, and the songs have had some rewriting to be more expository and take out some of the more cliched lyrics. For the most part, I love the musical’s versions as much as the movie’s, if not more as in the case of “Santa Fe.” My only true disappointment is that they took out my favorite lyrics from “Once and for All.”

The Tony Awards performance displays some of the changes along with some of the show’s amazing choreography. I love how the dance sequence opens with a military-like feel. I wish the performance had included the opening lyrics for “Seize the Day” as well, because I find them rather inspiring. Instead the opening for “Once and for All” is included, most likely to momentarily feature the female lead.

Some other thoughts on the new versions:

  • “Sante Fe” was always a so-so song for me in the movie, but Jeremy Jordan makes me want to cry with the musical version.
  • I’ve always had some problems understanding a few of the lyrics in the movie (and too lazy to look them up), but the musical downplays the New York accents enough to be more understandable.
  • I think Christian Bale’s performance of “The World Will Know” was a bit more forceful and rallying that that of the cast recording. It’s likely that it comes across better in the show.

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