Friday Flicks: Favorite TV Moments

I was browsing through my pinterest boards earlier this week when I came upon some videos that I’d pinned for posterity (or until youtube pulls them for copyright infringement).  So I started making a list of favorite TV moments.  It became a little long, so next week I’ll share some of my favorite moments from British TV.


Big Bang Theory “Tiara”

Probably my favorite moment of the past season. While it doesn’t trump “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” or Penny’s Christmas gift to Sheldon, this moment is a wonderful representation of me … when I was six.

Community – Troy and Abed in the Morning

Community is probably my favorite sitcom at the moment. I think the main appeal is that the show kind of reinvents itself each episode, and the stories are crazy. If Troy and Abed in the Morning were a really morning show, I might actually wake up in time to watch some of it.

HIMYM – Robin Sparkles
Spoilers for episode

I’ve stuck with How I Met Your Mother for seven seasons, and I’ll probably keep watching till the end, because I really don’t care about the mother. But the episode Slap Bet from season 2 will probably always be my favorite.

Stargate SG-1 – Puppets

So … Stargate SG-1 has numerous wonderful moments, but many of the clips that were up on youtube are gone now, and as much as I love the montage from Window of Opportunity, it doesn’t encompass all I want it to. This clip is from the 200th episode, which is really a bunch of shorts strung together with a thin plot, but this one provides a nice intro to the series (and its humor.)


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