Friday Flicks: Favorite TV Moments – The British Invasion

Posting this a little early … because it’s actually two weeks late.

The IT Crowd

I don’t think this needs any explanation.  Who hasn’t had to give IT help of the simplest kind before.  I lost count of how many times I had to walk my mother through adding an attachment to her email.  Something I thankfully no longer have to do.

Doctor Who

The Doctor and Sally Sparrow have a conversation

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t allow embedding. 😦  But the Don’t Blink speech is probably one of my favorites from NewWho.  Certainly the only one I memorized.


I couldn’t choose between these scenes.  (I also felt that Mycroft’s eyeroll in Hound of Baskervilles just wasn’t long enough.)

“Harry is short for Harriet”

This was my favorite from the first time I saw A Study in Pink.  John’s nonchalance when making the statement just made me love Morgan Freeman.


This is actually a compilation of allow of the Sherlock and Anderson moments from ASiP, but of course the best is the psychopath/sociopath exchange.

Any favorite moments of your own to share?  Hopefully I’ll get a couple more posts out this weekend, one for my reaction to The Dark Knight Rises and another about my opinions on the Mission Impossible movies.


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