Teen Wolf Season 3A Comments

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I’m not going to go into too much detail about the first half of Season 3. Mostly because I should have done it a month ago if I wanted to do so. So this is going to be three lists: what I loved, what I hated, and what I hope to see in 3B.

What I Loved:

  • Lydia’s approach to relationships after Jackson leaving. It was frank, and she wasn’t shamed, nor did she feel guilty about it.
  • Coda to above, Lydia’s approach to surviving the Darach- she had nothing to hide
  • Isaac’s adorableness
  • Danny. He gets a boyfriend who cares, and still gets to be the stable one. (Also his interactions with Stiles: “offering” sex and drugged “dreaming”)
  • Sheriff Stilinski is in the know! (and Mama Stilinski has name!)
  • Victoria Argent

What I Hated:

  • The story. Not so much the framing, but the actual plot and frustration from unanswered questions.
  • Cora. Not the character, but the fact that we still know nothing about how she survived or how she ended up with the Alpha Pact. Or really anything about her other than “female Derek.”
  • Everything is Derek’s fault. Did they really need to put another tragedy in his backstory to add more hubris to his character?
  • Erica and Boyd dead. Erica was expected with Gage Golightly leaving the series, but Boyd? Really?
  • The flashback episode. Laura was barely there. What we’re shown versus the conflicting stories from Peter and Gerard. The emphasis on the unreliable narrator. And (so far) no resolution to what was brought up! Scott, Allison, and Stiles know, they all believe that the story wasn’t completely true and … nothing. Plus Gerard disappeared.
  • Speaking of Gerard, the apparently meaningless info that Deucalion bit Chris’s uncle.
  • True Alpha schtick. I feel over-saturated with chosen one/special characters. I don’t mind Scott being an Alpha; I just don’t like how it was done.
  • See also breaking the rules aka Scott pushing through mountain ash barrier
  • Finally, male villains get to live while female villains get to die (and stay dead.)

What I Want For 3B:

  • Answers about Cora
  • Resolution to some of the plot holes from 3A
  • Kate and Victoria as ghosts possessing/communicating with Allison instead of her possibly slipping sanity
  • Developing the twins characters. Cause so far Aiden likes Lydia and Ethan likes Danny.
  • Give us some names! I’ll take the sheriff’s first and the twins’ last with teasing about Stiles’s.
  • Not screwing up Agent McCall. Let us hate him for most of the season at least.
  • More Stiles and Lydia as crime-solving bros. I don’t want a relationship between these two.
  • Lacross! 3A was lacking.
  • Guest spot with Jackson. (I can always dream.)

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