Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Ep. 4: Eye Spy *SPOILERS*

Agents of SHIELD Logo

I think this episode shows what many of us wanted from Agents of SHIELD. This was the first time the show felt settled and comfortable with what it was. Once again, not amazing, but a solid episode. Hopefully we’ll see more of these with a few standouts that we’ll be quoting for years.

This review is going to be completely in list format since a)it’s seriously late and b)my week became rather crazy. I’ll try to cover as much as possible.

What I liked:

  • Melinda May. We’ve already covered this.
  • Everyone had a part to the story. I didn’t begrudge anyone their screen time.
  • The opening heist. It had the perfect balance between ominous event and strange art installation.
  • Coulson/May conversations. If I were shipping anyone at this point, I would ship these two.
  • Naming arguments! Brings back memories of puddlejumpers/gateships.
  • The power of social media. Both useful and scary.
  • Skye’s incompetence with guns. This is not a “haha” like, but more of a “I appreciate showing Skye as something other than uneducated or super skilled.”
  • Amadour’s ability to give herself anesthesia in the eye. Now it’s probably become just like putting in a contact, but it still gives me the willies.
  • Getting the most information out of little information. I really liked that quick profile on Amadour’s handler.

What I didn’t like:

  • Melinda May. She had a great first act, but she was pushed to the side for the second act.
  • Skye’s still ambiguous loyalties. Especially with the apparent everything coming to a head in the preview for the next episode
  • The “seduce him” joke. They managed to cover what I didn’t like about it with Ward’s inability to be charming, but it was cheap.

Other notes:

  • Once again we refer to Coulson not exactly being the Coulson we knew. Will we start getting more hints or shall we have another few weeks until the next bread crumb?
  • Another mysterious employer. Is this connected to the sponsor from the pilot or another player? I’m placing my hopes on HYDRA.
  • No credible reports of various mental powers. Either this is to write out X-men, or (as I’m guessing) the result of Professor X manipulating everything. 🙂
  • To continue the previous note, thank you, Skye, for pointing out that aliens opened a portal and attacked Manhattan, so maybe we need to look a little harder.
  • Can Fitz, Simmons, and Skye become bros? You know, like McGee and Abby or Ducky and Palmer on NCIS. I thought the chemistry between them was much better than Skye and Ward.
  • Coulson and May being called mom and dad made me think of all the fanfic (and possibly comics?) where Iron Man and Captain America are called the mom and dad of the Avengers
  • Having May’s and Amadour’s scene/fight cut in two was weird after previewing the whole thing before the episode was aired.
  • Another meaning for AC = alternating current. A nod to the LMD theory?
  • Tahiti mentions: 0; Magical place: 0 Again!😦
  • Pop culture references: None, that I caught.

Verdict: B+


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