Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Ep. 5: Girl in the Flower Dress *SPOILERS*

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So first: Reviews are going to continue to be late for the next few weeks. I volunteer at/help organize the local library book sale, which is gearing up to occur next week, so I’m busy. (But if you’re in the Kansas City area, stop by Metcalf South and pick up come great deals.)

On with the review:

I’m happy we got another look at the villains from the pilot. We now know, unsurprisingly, that they have continued their research, and at the end of the episode we learn that they’ve completed Stage One (I presume developing the formula) and are moving on to Stage Two (which I presume is finding viable subjects for the project). And because they appear to be developing super soldiers, I’m still going to hope for (say) HYDRA due to their history established in Captain America: The First Avenger. Of course, they killed the doctor (does she have a name? I feel like it was announced on the news in the pilot, but they didn’t use it in), but Raina was more interesting and it seems the doctor had served her purpose already.

Now they made it into a joke, but I think it’s a serious concern that Raina gave Chan the name “Scorch.” Because a name can become a new identity. It’s like when you interact with friends of a friend and you realize that there’s a whole new aspect to your friend that you weren’t aware of. Giving Chan “Scorch” gave him the push he needed to give in to his desires. In a way, it’s Chan’s version of Mike’s desperation to provide for his son. Onto another point, it’s also like how you aren’t supposed to name wild animals because they will return to the wild. Raina seems to name people as if they were her pets. Of course, she’s the type of animal owner that people hate, because when she tires of the pet, she abandons it.

As for Skye … I didn’t like it. Okay, I liked the idea that she had a boyfriend we didn’t know about, because it could prevent the (so far) boring Skyeward (yeah I’m using this as a couple name) stuff. And I liked how May caught her in the act, and Coulson playing the angry parent (because as we know May and Coulson are team mom and dad.) But, then they ruined the other relationship possibility with Miles hacking for money so it looks like awkward interactions until Skyeward is on track again. And while I don’t mind that Skye’s ultimate goal appears to be finding her parents, I’m really hoping this doesn’t lead back to Coulson or anything. I don’t want to have already met one (or both) of Skye’s parents.

What I liked:

  • Coulson/May is officially my first ship. Though it’s implied that they have a past. I feel like they’re Barton/Romanov 1.0. Maybe there’s a relationship, maybe they’re in an extremely close platonic relationship. Either way, Coulson chose May based on more than her reputation. They have a history.
  • Hints that SHIELD may not always be above-board, aka Fitz’s questioning about body probes.
  • Raina mainly using charm and adoration to manipulate Chan rather than straight out sexuality.
  • Ward and Miles agreeing that Skye shouldn’t go on site. Yeah they want to protect her, which boo she’s been through worst, but the look they give each other over agreeing.
  • The doctor is “bad luck.” Also, not as charming as Raina.
  • That Chan didn’t have a happy ending and the best option for the team was to minimize the damage. Saving Chan would’ve made the story too much like the pilot.

What I didn’t like:

  • Revealing Skye’s motivation so soon. I don’t feel as if they started hinting that her motivations were about her past that well until this episode which screamed it.
  • Killing the doctor from the pilot feels like a tying up loose ends. They knew she was a loose end and didn’t have a way to continue using her.
  • Yeah, AoS needs to stop relying on Stark’s holographic display. I’m starting to want a low tech episode like that one on NCIS.

Other thoughts:

  • So I’m thinking someone is covering up that precognition exists (or it’s super classified), because with the Clairvoyant, it’s implied that such mental powers do exist in contradiction of the last episode.
  • According to the captions, Chan was speaking Cantonese which makes sense because Hong Kong. Can anyone verify that it was Cantonese for the whole episode.
  • I can understand Chan’s motivations for what he did. He must’ve been extremely frustrated with his life with his abilities and unable to display them.
  • Ward likes board games. It’s now my personal canon that he keeps up with Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop
  • I hope that this episode changes the interactions between Ward and Skye. So far they’ve been too Buffy/Riley to make it likable.
  • How many people has Raina duped with this schtick? Other’s reactions and interactions make me think that it’s her modus operandi.
  • We got clear Lexus and Volkswagen product placement. I didn’t catch if they made the phone model obvious.
  • I think we need more team interactions, because we haven’t seen enough of Skye and FitzSimmons together to make their “Why did she do this?” conversation fit.
  • “It can’t be worst that what I imagined.” Sweetie, this is a comics universe. It can be so much worse.
  • Also Hulu has horribly sloppy captions.
  • Tahiti mentions: 0; Magical place: 0 😦
  • Pop culture references: Battleship (the game, not the movie), more Marvel Universe references

Verdict: B


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