Geekdom Update: November

Obviously, this should’ve gone out at say… the beginning of the month. You know, instead of the middle. But, as I’ve already mentioned, the end of October and beginning of November. By the time I remembered I had this post to make, it was the 2nd. I figured in for a penny, in for a pound and decided to make you wait til all was done. Because working a book sale for days is exhausting. I barely had the energy to go through my dashboard on tumblr!


  • Tamora Pierce –Mark Reads recently started on Trickster’s Choice, which is probably one of my least favorite Pierce books, but I’m enjoying the little bits I didn’t notice in my previous reads.
  • Divergent – Finished Maze Runner and have just started Divergent. Am also waiting on Scorch Trials from the library.
  • Have some desire for a non-fiction book, but am unsure what I want to read. Any suggestions?


  • Supernatural – Amazingly, I haven’t watched this yet. Or rather, I watched most of season one a few years back and never finishing it. I’ve started again because of the Mark Reads sister site Mark Watches. (Also, am I the only one who thinks there was a Mark Twain/Tom Sawyer joke at the end of 1×06 with the episode taking place in Missouri and the seeing my own funeral line?)
  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – It’s improving. I couldn’t care less about Skye, but it’s improving. Hopefully, I’ll have last week’s episode review up tomorrow, and maybe I’ll surprise you with the next one on Wednesday.
  • Have yet to make time to watch Sleepy Hollow, but I really want to.
  • And Doctor Who with the whole 50th Anniversary and all. Really wish I could stand 3D so I could see it in the theater.


  • Nothing at the moment. All my focus is on finding a job.

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