Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Ep. 6: F.Z.Z.T.*SPOILERS*

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Another good episode, but …. no, first I’m going to say that there is a lot of good about “F.Z.Z.T.” It has a great deal of what people wanted from Agents of SHIELD. The problem with this episode is that it happened at the wrong time. Six episodes in is firmly in the middle of the season. We’ve seen enough of the characters to have a vague idea about who they are and how they react, and truthfully, in the first five episodes, there wasn’t much more. We’re to far in the season to be shocked at the possibility of a major character dieing, and we knew too little about the characters to have a deep, emotional bond with them (in fact, this is the first real development for Simmons because everything else we had learned was more about Fitz.) In other words, I had no doubt in my mind that Simmons would be rescued after her jump. That shock value was depending far too much on Whedon’s reputation for killing off character and hadn’t provided anything substantial to make me think they would really kill Simmons off. They either needed this as the second or third episode, or waited til there was more character development.

On the other hand, we get to learn more about the characters! Can you believe this is really the first time we’ve seen them interacting as people instead of agents. Everything else has been about the plot or Skye’s training. So yay! You’re doing something I wish I’d seen in 3A of Teen Wolf! (Because the more I think about it, the more I realize that Scott’s “journey” into a True Alpha didn’t happen. It just was.)

(So I totally didn’t finish this before today’s episode…)

What I liked:

  • The different Ward impressions. Especially, Ward’s own impression of himself.
  • That this episode didn’t have a bad guy. If it had been someone killing telekinetically, I probably would’ve been underwhelmed.
  • More on that, the misdirection was done wonderfully. Until Simmons reveals the alien virus, I firmly thought the fireman was the bad guy or being controlled by the helmet.
  • Some of the show not tell bits. Simmons’s line about her father says a lot more about her family than the words would imply. And a lot about Simmons.
  • FitzSimmons showing their bond/friendship instead of arguing or being nerds together. The other two are fun, but often shallow.
  • Coulson’s talk with the fireman and his later discussion with May. First, his talk with the fireman created the desired emotional response. I wanted to cry for a guy who we met like 30 seconds before. Second, show is finally pulling back the curtain a bit and showing us how Coulson is affected by his near-death experience. (I half expected him not to have a scar though. Should’ve known Fury wouldn’t be that sloppy. Also, apparently, May was in her position at the beginning of the show because of her own near death experience.)

What I didn’t like:

  • I already addressed my main beef. What the story was going after doesn’t match up with the place the series is in.
  • May’s cookie interrogation. We know she’s the strong, silent type, but she’s also a SHIELD agent. Would’ve been nice to see a different side.
  • Poor mice.

Other notes:

  • One would think at this point that I would have an OTP or a pairing I do not want to see, but I’m currently fine with all ships being romantic or platonic.
  • Presuming the show continues into multiple seasons, I would love to have a episode or two that explores interations between May and Coulson when they were junior agents.
  • And now I want Coulson/May buddy!fics like the Clint/Natasha ones that exist. Especially with some Cold War hijinks.
  • It’s a good thing the story didn’t go into the everyone’s infected plot, because Fitz would likely have been the only one uninfected because he stays away from dead bodies, but he was up close and personal when investigating the first site. It was a good thing that Simmons was the only team member dealing with the virus.
  • On the canon relationships, this episode sort of switches directions. While Fitz starts with his usual flirtation/attraction with Skye, he ends it with his deep connection with Simmons, implying some feelings that he may have been repressing. Ward on the other hand is completely platonic (and pissed) with Skye (because of last episode) and seems to turn his attentions on Simmons. Simmons connects with both Fitz and Ward, while Skye is all “we’re buds!” with everyone.
  • While Coulson and May have their undefined relationship status.
  • So while I don’t think this story was the appropriate one yet, it seems to be the start of more character based stories rather than plot-centric ones. Which eps. 3 and 4 probably should’ve been.
  • And Blake touched Lola!
  • Pop culture references: Big Lebowski

Verdict: A-


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