A more descriptive About page may be written eventually.  You know, when I finally come up with a nice, little and hopefully witty summary of who I am and why I’m writing this blog.  Besides the desire to share my rather unimportant thoughts about various things with the internet like the many others before me.

Truthfully, the subtitle really says it all.  I am a geek (in my personal definitions, geek is more for genre stuff while nerd is more on the academic side.)  It stands to reason that most of the posts on this blog will have something to do with one of my obsessions, that are not necessarily limited to the above stated categories.  Occasionally there may be a post of a more personal nature, but I tend to try to keep such things off the internet.  I definitely will be keeping things of a more political nature off limits, because while I have strong opinions on certain topics, this is not the place for me to air them.  Ditto with things of a religious nature, with the likely exception of some random thoughts I’ve come up with that have no academic backing, are probably underdeveloped, and shouldn’t be criticisms.

I’m currently resolved to update this at least weekly.  This is going to be hard, because I’ve never really kept up with a diary for longer than a month.  If I’m not posting, feel free to hassle me after a week.  It might kick me in the ass enough to keep up with this.


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