Sunday Nostalgia: … Baking!

So originally, I was going to write about songs I love/d that I can’t really enjoy anymore. (FYI, Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be” for gender role reasons, Four Seasons’ “Big Girls Don’t Cry” for narrative reasons, and Five’s “When the Lights Go Out” for being a little rapey.) As I was plotting it in my head, it got a little preachy and repetitive, plus I wasn’t motivated to finish it. So goodbye songs, hello baking!

Now baking isn’t really a nostalgia thing. I still bake. I bake all the time. I don’t really have any heartwarming childhood stories about baking and passing down family recipes. Traditions-wise, I only have sprinkling sugar on the Chanukah cookies and making hamantaschen. But my initial afternoon plans (finishing season 1 of Elementary and watching some combination of The Bourne Legacy, Despicable Me, and Monsters, Inc.) were interrupted by my brother’s birthday (Happy Birthday, bro!) and the need to make some baked goods to send him (due to Jewish holidays falling out as they did and his birthday being a Sunday, we would have had to bake too early for him to get them on his birthday and have them taste good) meant my afternoon became baking a fudge brownie torte. And now you get pictures of my creations.

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Sunday Nostalgia: Power Rangers

Now, a few bits of nostalgia have come up this week for me, so I had to choose which I wanted to write about first. Integrity Toys announced that they would be releasing new Jem dolls. Now I loved the truly outrageous ways of the show when it was on TV, and it usually leads me down memory lane of all the 80s cartoons I loved. I have a very clear divide in my mind between “80s” and “90s” shows because my family moved in 1991, and the syndicated shows (at least I presume this is the reason) were different. This means some shows I think of as 90s shows may actually be 80s, but I never watched them during the 80s.

More importantly, a friend linked me to Atop the Fourth Wall’s History of Power Rangers, where each season is watched, analyzed, and evaluated by the blogger. Because I stayed up way too late and watched many of the videos currently provided, I felt that Power Rangers deserved my attention this week.
It’s Morphin’ Time!