Geekdom Update: November

Obviously, this should’ve gone out at say… the beginning of the month. You know, instead of the middle. But, as I’ve already mentioned, the end of October and beginning of November. By the time I remembered I had this post to make, it was the 2nd. I figured in for a penny, in for a pound and decided to make you wait til all was done. Because working a book sale for days is exhausting. I barely had the energy to go through my dashboard on tumblr!
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To Classic Who or Not to Classic Who?

Eleven Doctors

About a week and a half ago, I posted this on tumblr. A while I had not (and still haven’t for the same reason this post was made) watched the memorial episode of Glee for Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith, I was silly enough to watch “Bad Wolf” and “The Parting of Ways” which dedicated Whovians know are the last two episodes of Doctor Who’s Series One -and the last episodes of the Ninth Doctor. And of course I was crying over the “death” of a fictional character in an episode (and scene) I’ve watched many times. Because as I tagged in the post, I cry every time; just as I cry over the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration in The End of Time and probably will when Eleven regenerates in this year’s Christmas special. But then I struck a new thought; these feelings may be a reason that I haven’t really gotten into the classic Doctor Who.

My beginning with Doctor Who is … complicated. By which I mean, in all the confusion of when SciFi (because if you haven’t guessed, I’m American) was airing/premiering the new series and school being my life, I can’t exactly remember what the first episode I saw was. I remember the talk about Nine’s rather different look and parts of different episodes from series one and two, but all I know for sure is that I did not see “Rose” until I sat down with my Amazon Prime benefits and started making my way through the first four series. I think the first episode I watched was most of “The Girl in the Fireplace.” (On a side note, I picked the worst episodes to catch the end of aka “The Doctor Dances” and “Last of the Time Lords.” I hadn’t seen any of series one at that point though I marathoned through “Bad Wolf” after and the only other episode of series three that I’d seen was “Smith and Jones.” I unintentionally spoiled myself.) A classmate tried to fix some of this and I saw the first few episodes of series two (“The Christmas Invasion” through “The Girl in the Fireplace” minus “Tooth and Claw” because she didn’t like it.) But because the only legal source at the time was expensive DVD sets and the hope that SciFi would have a marathon, it didn’t really take. Until just after series six ended and I utilized the wonder that is streaming video websites.

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Geekdom Update: October

You may have noticed that I’ve actually started using this blog again. Shocking I know. So I decided to update you lovely readers on what I’m going rabid over. Since I started this blog, I’ve worked three booksales for the local library, and at the beginning of November, it will be my fourth. And interests have shifted (as they always do.)
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Sunday Nostalgia: … Baking!

So originally, I was going to write about songs I love/d that I can’t really enjoy anymore. (FYI, Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be” for gender role reasons, Four Seasons’ “Big Girls Don’t Cry” for narrative reasons, and Five’s “When the Lights Go Out” for being a little rapey.) As I was plotting it in my head, it got a little preachy and repetitive, plus I wasn’t motivated to finish it. So goodbye songs, hello baking!

Now baking isn’t really a nostalgia thing. I still bake. I bake all the time. I don’t really have any heartwarming childhood stories about baking and passing down family recipes. Traditions-wise, I only have sprinkling sugar on the Chanukah cookies and making hamantaschen. But my initial afternoon plans (finishing season 1 of Elementary and watching some combination of The Bourne Legacy, Despicable Me, and Monsters, Inc.) were interrupted by my brother’s birthday (Happy Birthday, bro!) and the need to make some baked goods to send him (due to Jewish holidays falling out as they did and his birthday being a Sunday, we would have had to bake too early for him to get them on his birthday and have them taste good) meant my afternoon became baking a fudge brownie torte. And now you get pictures of my creations.

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